• Heidschnuckenweg
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Hiking through sheep filled meadows


Hiking through sheep filled meadows


Fine sand crunches gently underfoot,  low bushes with bristly twigs scratch at your legs. Sheep bleat gently in the distance. A carpet of pink heather covers the gently rolling hills. Strangely shaped juniper bushes stretch their thorny twigs towards the sun. The warm midday air is filled with the aroma of berries.

Clear & Brief
  • Location: Hamburg and Niedersachsen
  • Starting and finishing points: Hamburg-Fischbeck (Lüneburger Heide) und Celle
  • Anfangs- & Endpunkt: Hamburg-Fischbek und Celle 
  • Length: 223 km
  • Highest & lowest point: Wilseder Berg 169 m ASL




LOWA Shoe Tip


Out tip for hiking the Heidschnuckenweg:

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