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Across the Southern Black Forest Nature Park


The Schluchtensteig section of the trail runs from Stühlingen through the Wutachschlucht canyon to Lake Schluchsee passed St. Blasien`s cathedral, across the gentle uplands to Dachsberg and Ibach and through the dramatic landscape of the Wehratal valley before finally arriving in Wehr. This is the perfect way to experience to the full the beauty of the surrounding landscape along the entire 119 kilometres. The trail ist always changing, offering a wide diversity of scenery and a wonderful range of flora and fauna as it wends its way through the numerous gorges: nature at its very best. 

A week walking the "Schluchtensteig" is a great way to experience the distinctive and unique landscape of the southern part of the Black Forest that is characterized by wide open uplands, magnificent views from the summits, wildly romantic canyons and valleys as well as high moorlands, lakes, narrow tracks, rough climbs and tranquil woodland paths. The tougher and rougher scrambles are interspersed with well maintained pathways.

Clear & Brief
  • Location:  Southern part of the Black Forest
  • Starting and finishing point: Stühlingen and Wehr
  • Length: 119 km
  • Highest and lowest elevation:  Krummenkreuz with 1.148 m üNN and Wehr witht 346 m üNN


  • Mile museum in Weiler, Stühlingen
  • Old and New Palaces of Wehr
  • Sauschwänzle-Museumsdampfbahn, Blumberg
  • Schleifenbach falls near Blumberg
  • Lotenbach gorge, Bonndorf
  • Howehraschlucht, Todtmoos
  • Todtmoos baroque pilgrimage church
  • Schluchsee
  • Bildsteinfelsen
  • St. Blasien`s cathedral 
  • Klosterweiher and Show mine, Dachsberg
  • Pilgrimage church an Heimethus museum, Todtmoos
  • textile museum, Wehr
  • Wutach gorge
  • Wehra reservoir and wehra gorge
  • Tannegger Falls
  • Bondorf Castle
  • Münster Str. Fridolin, Bad Säckingen

Follow this sign from Stühlingen to Wehr (Baden)!

Information / Booking

Information / Booking

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